About Me

Pursuing Joy.  Celebrating Grace.  Living on Purpose.

JODIEHey there!  Thanks so much for…for stopping by?  Checking in?  Typing my name into your Google box?  I am not sure what you call it when someone winds up on a website (to me, the term “visiting” conjures up houseguests and good coffee), but I am glad you are here.

I will be the first to admit that I know next-to-nothing about social media.  I once had a book deal fall through when the publisher realized that I didn’t have a “platform.”  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I thought she was talking about shoes.  (I got my first pair back in the 7th grade, along with just about every other girl at William Annin Middle School, and we all tottered around in elevated triumph, peering down at the much-shorter boys).

I picked my tag line—Pursuing Joy.  Celebrating Grace.  Living on Purpose.—for two reasons.  First, I chose it because people who know about things like platforms say that “tag lines” are important.  Second (and more to the point), these simple words reveal a lot about the things I love.

I love joy. (Who doesn’t?)  But I also have a hard time holding onto it—even though I know it is supposed to be part and parcel of the Christian life.  I try to choose joy every day, regardless of my circumstances, and sometimes it sticks.  Sometimes, though, it seems to scamper away, and I have to haul myself out of bed and hunt it down.

I also love grace, and I think it’s worth celebrating.  I love the kind of grace that pops up in the Bible—the kind that covers our shame and redeems our mistakes (who knew that trying to share God’s love over a pitcher of margaritas could go so wrong?), as well as the sort of grace that reveals itself in beautifully set tables, freshly laundered sheets, country gardens, and long lazy days at the beach.

And Living on Purpose is…well, it’s a mixed bag.  Living on purpose can be incredibly satisfying, like when you intentionally go after some God-given responsibility or relationship, and you know you are right where you are supposed to be.  But just as often (for me, anyway) it can expose misplaced priorities.  I long to live a purpose-driven life (and I make endless to-do lists in search of some sort of accomplishment), but I have to constantly remind myself that my agenda – my idea of what purpose looks like – doesn’t always line up with God’s. And his is the only one worth pursuing.

DSC_1149On a more biographical note, I am an author, a speaker, and a mom.  I have been happily married to Robbie (my University of Virginia sweetheart whose most valuable attribute is not, as some might guess, his great hair or his I-don’t-age athleticism, but his incredible steadiness) for 30 years, and we recently married off our two eldest daughters in back-to-back weddings. With the shape of our family changing, and the empty nest horizon offering a mix of uncertainty and excitement, the whole joy-grace-and-purpose thing presents a fresh set of promises every day.

So…thanks for stopping by.  I wish we could have a real visit – one spiked with good coffee, shared widsom, and more than a little bit of laughter. For now, though, I’m grateful for this chance at virtual connection. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to pull up a blog or two, try out a few Friday prayers, and experience God’s abundant life in fresh new ways.

You are loved!

Family photo: That’s me on the far left, then new son-in-law Geoff, Annesley, (you can read about their wedding joy here), then Charlie and Hillary (their recap is here), and finally Robbie Jr. (our baby), Virginia, and my steady and wonderful husband, Robbie.

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