About Me


Ten or 15 years ago, if you had asked me what I was all “about,” I would have told you that my goal was to be a good wife and mother. I wrote books, did some speaking, and served on a few boards and stuff, but the thing that made my toes tingle—the thing that gave me purpose and joy—was loving my family and pointing them toward Christ.

Today, I’m still crazy in love with these people (and now, more than ever, I want them to press into Jesus!) but he field has been flipped. My kids are pretty much launched, with careers and families of their own, and I find myself asking, “What’s next?”


The Bible says that those who love the Lord will “still bear fruit in old age” (Psalm 92:14). While I don’t think I’m all that old yet, I do want to be a fruit-bearer, and I can’t help but believe that every season of life (including—and maybe especially—the empty nest years) is important and precious to God.

If that’s where you find yourself, too—longing to bear fruit, whether you’re up to your eyeballs in laundry, navigating the twists and turns of a career, bouncing a grandchild on your knee, or walking through some other season—can I invite you to join me? “Whatever you do,” the Bible says, “work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” (Colossians 3:23)

Let’s go at life with all our hearts. Let’s pursue joy (and trust me, I don’t always catch it), celebrate grace (because that’s God’s beautiful, every-day gift), and live on purpose, surrendering our agenda (which is often the hard part, for me) to God, the One who knows us, and loves us, better than anyone.

And one more thing. Let’s also cheer for the ‘Hoos. Robbie and I have been doing that for more than 35 years. We might not win every game, but we never lose a tailgate. And if you ever find yourself in Charlottesville on a fall football day, I hope you’ll stop by and say hi!

If you want to know who’s who in the family pic, that’s me on the far left, then Geoff and Annesley (you can read about their wedding joy here), then Charlie and Hillary (their recap is here), and finally Robbie Jr., Virginia, and my best friend and U.Va. sweetheart, Robbie.

As for the cheerleaders, that’s Khaki the Lab on the left (RIP), and Max the Rock-Eater on the right.


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